The Nucart Payback Incentive Plan

As a nucart customer-affiliate, you can save whenever you buy products of your choice at dp (distributor-price) with the given ‘user code’; for self-use or to gift someone who is near and dear to you. Overall you can save and pocket up-to 25% on wide-range of products and services as price-wise benefits.

As a nucart customer-affiliate, not only you save on products you buy but can earn too as you share your experience of using those products and speak good words about them to promote. Selling the products to the general consumers at a profit, keeping a margin or at the mrp (maximum retail price) limit will bring you the extra spot benefits as you can pocket up-to 25% as price-wise benefits.

Customer-affiliates can enjoy this opportunity to have repurchase-based unlimited level-income-earning possibility! This opening arises as every cash-back id, repeatedly you could get auto-placed also are eligible progressively to give you repurchase-bonus and repeated business-credits! Likewise you get repurchase-bonus up-to 25th level from your team affiliates, based on repurchase volumethe team-member/s.

Earned and accumulated shopping-miles, when totals to 5000 sm status (as &when you earn them for a spot-purchase or save and/ accumulate over a period of time by different buys from nucart or partner portals), get auto-redeemed, so as to convert them into instant premium cash-back benefits for you! Also you get a real-time claim of inr 1250 auto-credited into your purchase-wallet which can be used but only for regular shopping plus services ahead!

An overall 10%,calculated on sales matching bonus (smb) returns receivable by one’s on directly referred affiliates (considered as 1st generation referrals) and further from the next 4 sub-referrals (considered as 2nd, 3rd, 4th& then 5thgenerations) is the influencer bonus revenue. From the 1st gen it is 5% on every smb of one’s directly referred members and further from the next 4 generations, in sequence of 1%, 1%, 1% & 2%; from each of the subsequent sub-referral generations. Thus every affiliate can earn unlimited daily revenue,from their first 5 generationsas illustrated herein and thus even on smbearned by their team of teamsas well!claim of inr 1250 auto-credited into your purchase-wallet which can be used but only for regular shopping plus services ahead!

Nucart affiliates can earn team-matching bonus, onward and from the status where the sm wallet i.e. Shopping-credits accumulate to a total of 20 bv (or on completing total product purchase equal to 20bv). This channel gives a daily income scope for every affiliate & comes with a ‘per-day cap’ or ceiling as illustrated in the chart below).
Ayurace sales matching bonus estimation (business volume matching abstract at independent distributor level)
Basis of sales-matching (ratio) = 1bv:1bv [onebv@inr 10]
Daily ceiling limits
Product-tags(bv-wise) Bv accumulation status/stages Matching sales-bv Bonus pay/pair Ceiling bv Ceiling amount
Starter 1bv to 20bv 20bv : 20bv Inr 200 200bv Inr 2000
Executive 1bv to 50bv 50bv : 50bv Inr 500 600bv Inr 6000
Royal 1bv to 100bv 100bv : 100bv Inr 1000 1200bv Inr 12000
Platinum 1bv to 150bv 150bv : 150bv Inr 1500 2500bv Inr 25000
Emerald 1bv to 250bv 250bv : 250bv Inr 2500 5000bv Inr 50000
Diamond 1bv to 500bv 500bv : 500bv Inr 5000 10000bv Inr 100000
# team-power will be carried forward for all nucart affiliates/user codes with any bv status
Note: customer-affiliates buying products with any price-tag (starting even at a lowermost price of re 1/-) can get its assigned wallet-credits as marked bv (even if it is of 1bv)once the billing is done.

Leadership bonus can be earned from and up-to the 10th referral-level by sponsoring at-least 3 direct affiliates in your team. Note: user codes in 50 bv and above status are eligible and is paid customary for their further business volume achievements; and it will be inclusive of previous level business volume credit-counts. This bonus will be counted for each of your progressively received cash-back id also, and as you are chanced to repeatedly get such cash-back ids auto-placed in your referral-line, thus giving scope for leadership-based unlimited business-volume credits and revenue!

By supporting and building your team affiliates you can grab various ranks and recognition of nucart family.

Amount equal to 5% of nucart’s repurchase volume gets set apart to meet royalty pay release for eligible affiliates as well as charity or emergency relief overheads.

Lasting income to generations by nomination facility: nucart supports you with an assured way to make your ‘ever increasing’ income lifelong and lasting to generations too, by enabling a legal nomination facility! After you, your generations after generations will continue to get it owing to nomination facility here!